I am a landscape and fine art photographer from Bristol, Rhode Island (currently living in Brooklyn, NY).

I first became interested in photography when I moved to Rhode Island in 2006. I would go for a bike ride along the ocean every day around sunset, when the light was golden and beautiful, and I felt compelled to start photographing what I saw. My work has since taken me to many places outside of Rhode Island, but the coast of New England still remains my very favorite place. In my images I try to capture a sense of wonder that I feel when I am discovering a location for the first time. Many of my images are long exposures, ranging from one second to seven minutes. These images emphasize the interaction of stationary and moving elements, capturing the accumulation of time in a single frame. I also frequently experiment with intentional camera movement, deliberately moving the camera during an exposure to create a painterly effect and distilling the scene into a wash of color. 

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